Cezary Mazurek, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center

Head of the Network Services Division, managing a team of computer engineers and developers. He has been working at PSNC since its very beginning in 1993 and has led numerous complex and successful European and national projects. Many of them (e.g. Digital Libraries Federation built with PSNC’s dLibra Digital Library Framework, iTVP Interactive Television built with Content Delivery System designed and developed at PSNC, Wielkopolska Telemedicine Center and PLATON Interactive Scientific HD Television) were
deployed as operational services in PIONIER network. Strongly minded to exploit results of research projects and transit them to operational services. For several years he has been working actively on Software Governance for R&D project to provide quality and reliable software services for cyber infrastructure. His expertise, gathered during almost 20 years of the employment at PSNC with the background in commercial product development during his leadership of software development team at Poznan University of Technology cooperating with Siemens/Tektronix Germany, perfectly covers skills and knowledge required for R&D project leadership. His interpersonal skills have been confirmed by successful projects’ realization and deployment of results among various project partners (e.g. within PIONIER consortium).