ROSETTA Protein Modelling Pipeline

The ROSETTA Protein Modelling Pipeline is a high throughput protein structure prediction platform delivered as a grid-based service.


Mercury provides telemedicine consultation for various fields of medicine. It facilitates safe (all patient data are encrypted) and comprehensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Extensive image processing features are also included in this Integrated Telemedicine Solution.


GENOPIPE is an automated pipeline for high-throughout comparative genomics, developed with a focus on the detection of orthologous groups, which serve as the seed for subsequent annotation and analysis. It also provides data on SNP, paralogs and probable protein coding regions missed by the gene prediction algorithms, hence serving as a reliable supplementary pipeline for prokaryotic genome annotation.

Anvaya : A Workflow Environment for High Throughput Comparative Genomics

Anvaya is a software application, which provides a workflow environment for high throughput Comparative Genomics. It consists of an interface to Bioinformatics tools and databases, that are loosely coupled together in a coordinated system to execute a set of analyses tools in series or in parallel.

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