capability matrix

Capability matrix of ICTBioMed partners

Genome sequencing,

Workflow tools for comparative genomics

Anvaya - software application that provides an interface to bioinformatics tools in a workflow environment, enabling serial or parallel analysis. full genome analysis at Genomics Core Facility
Micro array data analysis,

DNA/RNA expression data correlation with macro properties

capable of carrying micro array data analysis machine learning and statistics groups for microarray analysis,

personalized GEMs for liver cancer

Analysis of proteomics data advanced modelling and engineering of the secretory pathway for development of yeasts used in production of human therapeutic proteins and for consolidated bioprocesses.
Analysis of metabolomics data,

Analysis of metabolic network

reconstruction of metabolic pathways Center of Excellence in metabolic systems biology, BioMet ToolBox
Biomedical Simulations (VPH) Oncosimulator application on HPC and GPGPU architecture (ACGT, p-medicine) Biomolecular simulations (GROMACS, AMBER, NAMD)
Biomedical Visualisation VITRALL visualisation framework for 3D models based on CT and MRI data Center for Visualization
Medical Digital Library framework for medical digital content management, registry of trauma cases in Wielkopolska Center of Telemedicine

e-learning service for training in trauma surgery

e-health tools and Digital Library Human Metabolic Atlas
DICOM and HL7 tools and frameworks
Teleconsultation teleconsultation platform (trauma surgery) for a network of county and university hospitals telemedicine services for national hospitals
Semantic Data Integration tools for building and quering semantic repositories (SYNAT)
Cloud Data Storage cloud interface (OpenStack) for production data storage infrastructures (p-medicine)

DICOM service for cloud interfaces (p-medicine)

private cloud setup based on Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and OpenStack.

solution for cloud building (Meghdoot)

Research infrastructure operator of PIONIER Network (Polish NREN), Metropolitan Area Network connecting all scientific institutions in Poznan (including university hospitals), High Performance Computing Center, Digital Library Federation National PARAM Supercomputing Facility, C-DAC bioinformatics resources node of National Supercomputing Grid (SNIC)
Grid Computing GARUDA - India's national grid initiative. GARUDA grid is an aggregation of computing resources distributed across the country.
Video Streaming Internet HD Live streaming of ENT Surgery

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